Originally from Panama and a world-traveled Army brat, Leah Beilhart's life and work covers 18 countries and 200,000 miles across the United States as a 1992 millenial. With her curiosity and determination, she's been able to work with various organizations and help expand their identity through storytelling and digital media. She's been published and recognized as a changemaker and social impact innovator in Washington, D.C. 

Her time is mostly spent curating events for her photography series, Behold.Her, a growing community that encompasses conversations on stigmatized topics and portraiture for women.

Her work is unapologetic and bold. She focuses on capturing strength and empathy in collaborative projects with her clients.  

"A mistress of light and shade. Her photos take you on a journey; sometimes dark, sometimes joyful, always otherworldly and always with a spark of fun." - Eloise Crawshaw, Adelaide, Austrlia