Blue Grass with Unspoken Tradition

It's hard to find a genre of music I don't like. I have an eclectic taste and I take pride in that because I can always find something in the area to listen to and not have any complaints (unless the band is crappy then that's another story). I was invited to see Unspoken Tradition, a Bluegrass band local to Asheville. This event was free, which was awesome for starters, and it was held at one of my favorite music venues, ISIS Restaurant and Music Hall. The place is "split" in two. One side is the restaurant and the other where the stage is, but there are still tables to dine and the full menu is available. There's no pressure to eat and leave either because you're there for the music and small chit-chat in between songs. 

I enjoyed this groups energy and mix of originals and cover spins. I was happy I could mumble along to one of them (knew the chorus not the whole jam). I always leave with such a high after seeing live music. I can literally feel my whole body fill with euphoria from good tunes. If I don't have a cheesy grin across my face, leaning in on my elbows on the table, or tapping my toes than Leah's not having a good time. But I had all three of those symptoms throughout the evening, so I was thoroughly enjoying the group. Cheers to good music and good food. 

Willkommen! Benvenuti! Karibuni! Bienvenido! Welcome! My name's Leah, an Army brat by birth and a traveler by trade. I'm scooting across the world to illustrate my experiences through photographs and short stories. I hope you'll find a personal connection, inspiration, or a spark of desire to go and explore as well! Photograph by Nathan Chesky. 


The Bullet from Unspoken Tradition's album Miles Between 2015 Written by Audie McGinnis Performed by Unspoken Tradition 

The title track from the 2013 release from Unspoken Tradition. All photos are of historic Cherryville N.C. used by permission of the Cherryville Historic Society