About Behold.Her

About Behold.Her

What was meant to be a casual photoshoot and gabfest with several gals, blossomed into BEHOLD.HER, a D.C. - based portrait event series bridging social barriers and normalizing stigmatized conversations through a women-led community.


BEHOLD.HER unites multigenerational women by designing immersive and inclusive events incorporating portraits, interviews, and intimate storytelling that gently nudge women to step away from their emotional comfort zones, develop their self-worth skills, talk about unspoken obstacles and build new relationships (beyond professional interests) within a smartphone-free environment.


In a year, the brand has developed partnerships with local businesses, many of them female-owned, which have positively contributed to the local economy and amassed an extensive list of collaborators. What started out as a photography project in 2016 is now a thriving community of women seeking to experience personal breakthroughs.

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Here are a few clips of our incredible attendees from our previous events and interviews over the past two years.

Leslie’s words

“The ‘S’ Word: Sex & Consent”


“Kindness, Compassion, & Comparison”

Kelly’s words

“I Don’t Deserve My Own Love Story”