conference highlights

conference highlights

BABYSITTING SERVICES: We're working with local babysitting services to coordinate on-site childcare and providing a discount rate for those who need off-site childcare during the conference.

ENTRY COST: We know that conferences tend to attract people within a certain income bracket. We think that’s bull$#!%. So, we’re making sure the entry cost is affordable, and working hard to provide scholarships for those who need it. We won’t hold back anyone who deserves and wants to be a part of this event.

ACCESSIBILITY AND SOCIAL AWARENESS: Not everyone walks and talks the same way. We'll make sure there are adequate breaks for those who need more time to themselves during this event. Our venue is handicap accessible and we will have ASL interpretation for those who need it. There's room for everyone at our table.

FOOD: Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and refreshments will be offered throughout each day of the conference. All food options will be available (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, soy free, etc.), and we’ll take care of those who have the most restrictive diets or allergies.

SPEAKERS: We’ll have four keynote speakers telling stories to segue into our workshop sessions. Speakers will include BEHOLD.HER matriarchs, experienced role models from our community, as well as younger, up-and-coming leaders.  

WORKSHOPS: Each workshop is designed for a small group setting so that our female participants receive the attention they need to feel included and heard.