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Breast Cancer Survivor Giveaway

Leah BeilhartComment
Breast Cancer Survivor Giveaway


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am gifting one woman this October 2018 with a makeover, gown styling, and photo session with my team for the day at my studio.

As a woman, and knowing women who have battled breast cancer, I see the struggle with the scars and the disconnection from her body that often makes women feel incomplete. This session will bring joy, help listen to the pain, and give her permission to see that the person who is hurting is allowed to feel powerful even in the most powerless of times. And if you are that person who is surviving yourself know that you ARE beautiful and you are allowed to feel beautiful always.


Please read below to learn how to nominate someone you know that is a survivor or currently battling with breast cancer.

Please send an email through our bookings link below and mark “gifter” for the subject. In the “descriptions of service” box, please state who you’re nominating (first and last name), why you’re nominating them, and if they are able to come to the studio in Washington, D.C. Their name will be chosen at random through a raffle system online. The deadline for submission is October 29th and then name will be announced online by October 31st.


You do not need to be located in Washington, D.C., but whomever you nominate needs to find transportation to the studio.


Together we will choose two gowns to work with for the shoot. She will get to design her look with some guidance. We want her to feel like royalty for the day!


This portrait session, consultation, and makeover is complimentary to the model and they’ll be offered a $100 voucher to use towards the purchase of prints. There is NO obligation to purchase and they can request a reveal of their portraits privately at no cost. They will be gifted a 7x10 matted print of the image chosen from that gallery.