Things to Know When Booking a Portrait Session with Your Baby

Michelle and her new daughter, Sam, are breathtaking! Despite how beautiful these two are, there is a lot of time, patience, and meltdowns that happen in order to get the winning shot.

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Our lovely make-up artist, Leslie, took the time to prep momma while baby Sam was held by her husband in the other room. It didn’t last too long! She was brought back wailing with a confused father, not knowing how to console her after trying “everything.” Thankfully, momma new the trick and she managed to show a small video that helps babies calm down. Click the link if you have a fussy baby too!

However, if your baby is being grumpy know that he or she is in control for the most part. It’s important to know that when they have had enough that they get the upper hand and need to rest or be bounced around the room till they calm down. We will not push them. If they are calling time out, we’ll honor that break needed. We are an all female staff and have a couch in the studio where you and your baby can comfortably breast feed. Any shots we do with a bare bum, we try and do quickly so there aren’t any accidents. In these shots, we just rolled down the nappy, aka diaper, to show a little bum, but not have baby completely exposed just in case there were to be an accident.

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Things to take into consideration when scheduling a portrait session with your baby.

When is their feeding time?

When is their witching hour?

When do they normally sleep?

Babies are more flexible and bendy when they are in their first few months. Once your child starts getting a little older, heavier, and more alert, it becomes more difficult to move them around without them wanting to jump out of your arms!

Make sure to bring a few items that they love to play with so we’re able to shake behind the camera to get their attention.

With studio lighting, babies tend to fuss or get a little wide-eyed. We don’t want to flash the lights too fast as this will easily upset him or her. Any ways we can prepare together ahead of time will make it easier on everyone!


Looking to freeze their cuteness in time? Work with our team to organize a session special for you and your new little human. Time moves quickly and your child won’t wait on you.