Day Three: Children's Museum Pittsburgh

A day at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. 

I enjoy going to museums, especially the ones that are very interactive. There's three stories to the children's museum in Pittsburgh. The third floor being my favorite, a bright white room illuminated by the sun and spurting water from every corner. I think what I enjoy even more than experiencing the museum itself, is watching these kid's eyes grow with fascination and curiosity. I mean yeah, it's only a matter of time they start pouting and crossing arms because they're only packed with so much energy. But I adore these kids. Even if Buddy does holler at me for leaning in his way for his toy cars to pummel through or Kiddo puts me on scissor duty for decoration making. They crack me up and it warms my heart when I feel them tug on my fingers to hold their hand. 

Leah BeilhartComment