Day Two: Christmas Day

Christmas Day at the Brook's.

NIGHTTIME PREP: Prior to hitting the sheets, we all (Sarah, Chase, and myself) huddled around the table catching up and retelling past Christmas family memories. I struggled to enjoy Chase's cheeriness over his peppermint flavored vodka which reminded me of mouthwash. I traded it off for one of Sarah's teeth buzzing cookies that would make any sweet tooth drop into a euphoric cookie coma. They were fantastic to say the least. 

I remembered the lengths my mother went to convincing my sister that Santa was real back in the day. She would bite off some of the carrots we threw out in the yard and even... dare I write it... would bring some of the poop that our dog plopped out and dusted it with the oatmeal glitter we made at school, telling her that it was reindeer poop. Yeah... hey well it worked! 

After trailing off to bed I was dreading the early start off. Then I remember when I was younger I would run to my sister's room around 0430 in the morning and record songs and videos till my parents woke up. We always had to wait for our parents to walk down the steps and jingle the giant bells that hung at the bottom, which were supposed to be a mocking of Santa's sleigh bells. Regardless, it was code for "have at it." 

The kids were surprisingly sitting in their room patiently, waiting for mom and dad to come get them. I was shuffling out of bed when Kiddo was playing the guessing game as to who was visiting. She new someone was in the house but wasn't sure if it was "Pee-pah and Mimi" or "Miss Leah." I walked in the room to cease the guessing game and squeezed her as hard as I could. Something about little people hugs that are the best. 

After making the living room a fire hazard from all the wrapping paper, everyone sped off setting up car tracks and busting out markers for crafts. I found myself passing out on the couch. 

 Kiddo showing off her freshly painted nails. 

Kiddo showing off her freshly painted nails. 

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