Driving to Skye

Wandering Wallace We were told that Wallace Monument wouldn’t be much of a view… and it wasn’t too much of a “whoa” moment, but it was exciting to do a small tower climb and get an outward view of the area. We felt flattered with the clerk at the ticket stand gave us a discount. He found out that they were the first official touristy check point on our road trip and gave us the student discount… though, it was still about 12 bucks each to enter. I wouldn’t recommend making the truck over. Enjoy looking at it outside your window when you pass by it from the highway.

Scooting through to Isles of Skye The moments pass quickly on the road. Savor them. Don’t waste too much time dragging out your camera. By the time you press record that river passed you by… the rolling fog over the hills would have vanished. You could stop for everything, but there gets to a point where you’re not enjoying the scenery, as it should be. I have trouble telling myself every memory doesn’t have to be recorded, that beauty shouldn’t stop through my eyes. I have to remind myself it’s okay to be selfish because I lost more moments asking to pull over the car for a quick snap versus just leaning out the window like a dog lapping up the crisp air.



Leah BeilhartComment