Highland Cooooooos

Take note that coming by petrol stations in Scotland feel similarly to finding water in the dessert. Be smart and gas up when you see something, especially during the holidays. Majority of the time they will be shut down. Aside from that, long stretches of land doesn't present itself with too many opportunities for pit stops. We had far too many instances where I was holding the "oh shit" handle begging for the car to chug along just for a few extra moments. 

One of my favorite days was one of our last days. Our morning started out adventurous, hoping to climb up the side of a mountain (with the car of course), only to be turned back around by local weather dude who discouraged us from moving forward as it would pose a danger to our life. The trek was dreary and the wheels were failing us, so we agreed and found ourselves back on the road looking for another route. It was mind-blowing that just around the corner it was marshy and green in comparison to its parallel, white and icy around the bend. We had a small (but pricey) tour around the Talisker Distillery where we scurried across the street for some of the best fish and chips I've had in my life. I can't vouch for other places seeing as we have little to compare to. But hell, I believed them when they said the best is by the water, and we couldn't have been closer...aside from maybe being on the actual water. Dave and I cheersed our beers and found ourselves on the road shortly after, scurrying about hoping to find something to come across. 

I wasn't having much luck finding the cows until then, a fairly large herd moving it's way down on the path we were driving. Dave slowed down and discouraged me from rolling down my window...which I stubbornly denied, too hyped for the opportunity to photograph such scraggly beasts. Their heads looked heavy, as they bobbed and swayed like buoys. Their caramel colored hair flipped and whipped in the wind. I was mesmerized. Simple and majestic. 

Shortly after we fell upon a building that resembled a mansion, but ended up being a very poshy hotel. No complaints. They welcomed us and allowed Dave and I to sit comfortably by a bay window, overlooking a meadow and just in time to watch the cloud roll over and delivering a misty rain. I wiggled in, my bum settling in the large cushions as Dave pulled out the chess pieces. We didn't hesitate to order tea and scones. I requested for a cup of hot coco on the side which came with a side of cookies cut in the shape of little coos. Fitting for our day's sightings. The rest of our daylight was spent moving pieces across checkered wood and floating in each other's silent company.