A Warm Scottish Welcome

"The Pros and Cons of Flying on Wow Air" Credit to  @PatiTravels

"The Pros and Cons of Flying on Wow Air" Credit to @PatiTravels

WOW Air I don’t mind screenless chairs and the lack of in-flight amenities like pillows and blankets. I do however believe that water should be free, so that’s a bit burdensome if you didn’t bring any cash and didn’t tell your credit card company that you’re traveling (my card froze when trying to ring in some water). It’s a good $70 to throw your luggage under, but keep in mind your flight shouldn’t have been more than $200 if you had done your research. In the end, you’re still saving money if you add up the 2 bottles of water at 3 bucks a pop and a 70-dollar blow to your wallet for a suitcase that didn’t meet length requirements*

The airport is a bit odd, only having one place to dig through for food, restrooms down three flights of stairs, and total disregard to organized lines. They basically let you run through the lines for your next flight. Everyone ends up looking like stampeding wildebeests. All in all, I had a decent amount of room on the plane and only had to share a short part of the trip biting my tongue towards the crazy people that sat next to me. Seeing as food is another purchase on the plane, my seat buddy decided to pack her own dinner which included seaweed paper and boiled eggs. I had to listen to her smack on a plastic bag and bare the smell of farts from her meal.

*If you plan on flying WOW again and you got the tag for your approved luggage, save the tag so you don’t have to risk getting caught for an oversized carry-on.

Arriving in Scotland Wrapping up in Germany was bitter-sweet. I was looking forward to reconnecting with my partner, Dave, but was saddened that my time with my family went by fast. It’s funny how antsy we get to move out of the house as young adults. I'm sure on numerous occasions you'll miss curling up on the couch with your family sharing stories and hushing each other during television shows. At least I do. 

Nevertheless, the start to Scotland was a bit bumpy. I wasn’t surprised; a delayed flight under my belt and a missed train on Dave’s side in London. I guess in retrospect it was luck that things played out in an unfortunate manner because in the end we both met up at the same time in Edinburgh.

The Wrong Side or Right Side? Despite those who say driving on the other side of the road is cake, they’re wrong… and they’re usually the ones who are already driving on the other side of the road! Nervousness escalated quickly buckling up with Dave. Awkwardness commenced with flipped seat belts, changing gears with your left hand, and deciphering road signs. My heart ached every time we drove by oncoming traffic, gasping that maybe we were on the wrong side, but only realizing we’re not used to seeing everyone on the right coming towards us. Roundabouts were mini swirling adventures. The larger ones couldn’t be endured without grabbing the “oh-shit” handle and the smaller ones in the towns were mostly driven straight through the middle. Needless to say we’re alive and well. If anything, I might have stained underwear from the trip.

A Warm Scottish Welcome The evening kicked off with a burst of hugs and kissed cheeks amongst strangers. Culturally, I have no issues or hesitation with smooches, it thrives in my Spanish culture, but most Americans are thrown off guard with the greeting. We barely give hugs when meeting new people.

                                         Iron Bru Credit to Gillian Kyle 

                                         Iron Bru Credit to Gillian Kyle 

I was meeting with Phillip, an Internet-based friendship grown over 6 years through Facebook. I had always said that if I were to ever reach Scotland that I would pop over to say hello, so it was heart-warming when we finally had that unifying moment. It felt like stepping foot in an ol’ friend’s house. No hesitation to steal a seat on the couch and wrapping fingers around the slender neck of a glass of wine. Tina, Phil’s wife, and their daughter Dani, ran wild with questions and stories. From reliving morbid moments of hitting wildlife around the windy, Scottish roads to banter battles around the dinner table, the evening felt like it couldn’t end… well until disappointment arose during the season finale of Strictly Come Dancing. Dave and I exchanged cheeky glances when we were lost in conversation, trying to keep up with the bouncy accent and new lingo. I found myself biting my cheek from laughter, recognizing Dave’s confusion over some sentences as he politely shook his head. It was funnier when someone was waiting for a response and we would just go “haha, yeah” at times it made no sense to do so.

We were overwhelmed by the hospitality, at which point we had to decline the endless pours of wine. Though we were bullied to drink Iron Bru (an orange “tin of pop”), which has an equivalent sugar intake to that of a Coke. Breakfast the next day had tea and paired greatly with a bacon sandwich with “brown sauce” or HP Sauce, very similar to A1 steak sauce, but tasted better because we were experiencing the flavors in a new setting. A lunch was packed for us which included: fruit mince pies, Iron Brus, Mars Bars, ham and cheese sandwiches, and salt and vinegar chips. Our visit was too short, but the opportunity to meet them was overwhelming in the best way (If ya’ll are reading this, it was the most darling experience. Ya’ll are lovely and that night will always be remembered).