Day One: Mineral Fountains

Karlovy Vary’s  is famous for their "healing springs," which ends up attracting folks from all over the world. If you've planned in advance, physicians send you off with a list of specific fountains that will cure various metabolic, digestive, arthritic, and gynecological ailments. Honestly, I didn't care for the mumbo-jumbo magic stuff, I wanted to experience the penny-tasting water and see how much of the taste I could bare. It's not for the weak minded, that's for certain. 

The familia wanted to gift me with a spa treatment. I guess outside from drinking mineral water throughout the town, spas is where it's at. The beginnings of Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) spa treatments go back all the way to the 14th century. The first documented “patient” was the Emperor Charles IV, who used the water from the hot spring to heal his wounds. SO, needless to say, peeps come rolling in for vacay to be pampered and healed. Honestly, my mother stepped into the hotel room, legs turned in plastic wrap with bruises on her thighs. Future warning, be wary of the "slimming" options. 

I was neither here nor there about my massage if I could call it that. Things got confused and my deep tissue package was replaced with aroma therapy. Essentially I got doused in citric oils and had a young Czech man barely touch me, maybe in fear he'll catch American. It would have been a waste trying to prompt him to work on things a little harder. He barely spoke English and only nervously shook his head "yes" to everything I would say to him.