The session fee is $450 for luxury sessions. This fee covers the costs of hair, make-up, consultation, in-person gallery review, and your studio photoshoot, which is non-refundable and due before your shoot.

Images, prints, and merchandise are sold separately.

Prints and Framed Work

Individual matted prints start at $175

Folio Box

Why keep your photos on a desktop folder when you can hold them in your hands. Open a breathtaking keepsake box that holds up to 25 - double matted 7x10 prints from your unique portrait session. Prices start $1,900. Send an email for full pricing details.

Who Am I looking For?

Individuals who are wanting treat themselves to rediscover their strength and break through insecurities. People who are wanting to give this gift to their wife, life partner, friend, family member, you name it. Individuals seeking guidance and confidence through their session. Someone like you.


Hourly Shooting starts at $250 depending on the complexity of the shoot.  This does not include equipment.

Editing starts at $45 an hour

Couples starting at $1,200 people who are looking to capture memories in motion. Create a movie of your admiration and love Example Here!

International Retreats start at $2,300 for individuals or groups who are wanting a break from their phone and have their trip documented without distractions. Relive the memories overseas with a personal videographer.


Photography workshops

These sessions are specifically for budding photographers and anyone wanting to make the jump from automatic to manual, from point-and-shoot to DSLR. 

Your session can be in the studio or a preferred cafe.

One Hour Session $150 

Three Session Package $500 broken down into three, one hour sessions, you'll go from camera settings, to composition, and end with a photowalk for in person critiques. 

Learn Adobe Lightroom $80 an hour



{ Punctuality is important }

{ communication is necessary }

Always be clear and concise with what you want and ask ALL the questions to make sure that we start on the same page.

I do NOT photograph...

newborns, pets, & interior design

families over 4 please consider booking for video service for families over three members. 

weddings unless you can convince me it's going to be fucking awesome! 


Bring a Buddy you’re welcome to bring a wingman/woman if you’d like extra company during your session.

Playlist don’t be shy to suggest your favorite music ahead of your shoot.