S E R V I C E S 

time to get serious. breaking down the essentials & understanding why artists cost so damn much.



starting prices are not negotiable. please understand that these prices include production, editing, software, equipment, set-up/clean-up, travel expenses, consultations, and research for your shoot.

payment plans are available for larger photo packages. 

a 30% non-refundable deposit is required for booking. The remaining balance is due 15 days after receiving deliverables. 

any props needed for the shoot will be an added cost, unless provided by the client. 

Portraits / starting at $250 for folks who want to stray away from boring ass corporate headshots and want to spice up their bust. 

Couples / starting at $450 for love birds, queer or straight, who want to capture their love for each other awkwardly & playfully. View examples here. 

Lifestyle starting at $300 for individuals wanting to capture a day-in-the-life-of. This works well for influencers needing content for social media or people who are wanting to freshen up how they deliver themselves online. 


Instagram for Small Brands please outline your needs in your inquiry to discuss plans

Small Businesses starting at $600 these are for entrepreneurs or businesses still in their first two years who are wanting to spiff up their website or portfolio. whether it's lifestyle images of a restaurant or a fashion shoot for your boutique, monthly and seasonal packages are available for returning customers. 


video work is not cheap folks and it all starts with the understanding that there's more to just shooting the video. pricing will include everything that photography does, but note that editing video will take a lot longer even though your deliverable may be 30 seconds. Think about this: if we spent an hour together, I'll be watching an hour of footage over and over and over again to wind it down to your ad. 

Hourly Shooting starts at $150 depending on the complexity of the shoot. 

Editing starts at $45 an hour

International Retreats start at $1,200 for those wanting a break from their phone, enjoy their adventure without distractions, and relive the memories overseas with a personal videographer. all travel, food, and accommodation must be covered. the price will be determined on how many days we will be traveling and how long you want your video.

Couples starting at $600  for love birds who want to be a little untraditional and have video of a small wino date or stroll through the museum. beautiful highlights of your day together will live momentously with captured laughter and wisps of hair caught in the breeze. 

Vloggers are billed hourly for bloggers and lifestyle peeps who need someone to record their DIY services, recipes, or city adventures. highlight reels for vlogs are at 2 minutes. 

Photography 101

These sessions are specifically for budding photographers and anyone wanting to make the jump from automatic to manual, from point-and-shoot to DSLR. 

Preferred location is at the BEHOLD Studios (location disclosed to booked clients - by appointment only). 

One Hour Session / $120 this includes an intro to your camera settings; understanding ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

Three Session Package / $500 broken down into three, one hour sessions, you'll go from camera settings, to composition work, and end with a photowalk for in person critiques. 

Lightroom / $80 learn how to create your own presets and filters and start developing your own style versus buying VSCO. 


Brand Consulting 

starting a new business but confused on what your brand language should be, how people are navigating your website, or looking for someone to tell you "you look fat in those jeans?" services are offered for those starting out and needing an honest opinion on their website layout and overall brand identity. 

$80 an hour we'll organize a Facetime call and take the time to dive in various aspects of your website. don't have a website? even if you're at the way beginning and want to bounce ideas off my head, we'll work together to structure what direction would be the most successful for your business. I highly recommend The Why Creative to source your designers and website developers. 



{ Punctuality is muy importante }

arrive 15 minutes prior to a shoot that just involves you and no props. 

shoots that involve set-up or food, please arrive 30 - 60 minutes prior to production day to ensure everything is ready to start shooting on time. 

have all outfits approved prior to shooting and bring options the day of

{ communication is necessary }

always be clear and concise with what you want and ask ALL the questions to make sure that we start on the same page. it's only awkward later if you're shy at the beginning.  

I do NOT photograph...

newborns, pets, & interior design

families over 4 please consider booking for videography for families over four members. 

weddings unless you can convince me it's going to be fucking awesome! 

pornography boudoir is not pornography

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 1.00.26 PM.png


Bring a Buddy do you know someone who will always make ya laugh no matter what? bring a friend or companion that will provide you a little extra ease on your shoot!

be over than underprepared bring any hair styling tools or makeup that would be needed for touch ups. snacks and water is always encouraged to bring if we're not shooting in studio. 

forward your favorite playlist always a good time when you have your favorite jams in the background.

save your feet  if you will be wearing heals during the shoot, it's recommended to bring a pair of flip-flops to ensure comfort in between takes