Your words have made an impression on my work and your time has forever changed my life. 

sheline wedding

Pittsburgh, Pennsyvania 



Washington, D.C.

Leah was a fantastic photographer and made the day a breeze. She was attentive and captured many aspects of our wedding day that we would have otherwise missed. We still to this day say that if it wasn't for Leah we never would have made it to our wedding ceremony on time - she was that organized. Even before the wedding day, she made planning effortless and was always available to ease our every concern. It wasn't until we were wrapping up the night that my wife and I looked at each other and said "if we didn't search her out, we would have never even realized she was here" and when we got the pictures back, we realized she was everywhere. The amount of photos we received was incredible and each and every one of them had a candid, relaxed feel to them. The group and 1-on-1 photos were unique and her ideas were ones we never would have thought of. We received an abundance of compliments on how our photographs turned out. Not only did the pictures turn out to be fabulous, but the packaging in which they were delivered highly exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend you go with this talented photographer for your big day and you will be nothing but pleased.

Sincerely, Julianna and John Sheline

"Hosting a Behold. Her event was a wonderful opportunity for my restaurant for many reasons. First of all, we immediately gained new clients from the event that became regulars. Second, We got into the radar of a lot of other women oriented businesses. For example, we booked a brunch event with a woman group called Miles and Mimosas and Happy Hour Event for Ladies Get Paid that were both profitable paid events. Also Behold.her helped us create some buzz on social media and gained us new followers.  It is not only smart marketing strategy but we also feel good about supporting women owned businesses that give back to the community."

vanevers wedding

"Leah Leah Leah!! Girl!! What a stand up job you did! All of my guests were telling me how much they loved you! You are a phenomenal photographer! The talent you have is speechless! Thank you sooo much for capturing my rainy day!" 

ty gilpin

Music Relations at Organic Records 

“Leah has that special combination of professionalism and artistic talent. That's why we hired her to do a pro session with one of our most important artists. She has the ability to rise to the challenge of a complicated photo shoot and work creatively with clients.  She has the communication skills to make a session succeed and, at the same time, the artistic eye that contributes to the vision of the shoot. The results are/were better than we could have hoped for.”

"A mistress of light and shade. Her photos take you on a journey; sometimes dark, sometimes joyful, always otherworldly and always with a spark of fun." 

eloise crawshaw

Adelaide, Australia

"Leah pinpoints what a person is about and captures the exact little moments that make them beautiful." 

lexy castriotta

Tampa, Florida

"I am in awe. She is a Writer, an incredibly creative Photographer and Artist, a World Traveler, a Singer, a Caretaker and a supporter of Women all wrapped up in a Bundle of Joy!" 

jill mackey

Asheville, North Carolina