The Bakery You Overlooked in Boston

The Bakery You Overlooked in Boston


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Not to dis Mike’s Pastry, but if you’re wanting to avoid the lines and devour traditional, Italian sweets, head over to Bova’s Bakery where the line is half as long and the desserts are twice as good.

They are a family-owned bakeshop that opened in 1932. I have never had a cannoli up until this point, mainly because I couldn’t justify buying a piece of dough stuffed with icing, but holy...cannoli (yeah, I went there)! One, I love that they pipe them for you on the spot instead of having the dough get soggy sitting out for too long. Most of the cannolis I have had now, just don’t meet the sweetness in the roll I ate that afternoon.

This shop is small, so when there is a crowd, it makes it difficult to walk around in. The options are endless: snacks, on snacks, on snacks. The smell lures you in, which was comforting on a cold walk. The warmth of the ovens and the crowd of people made it easy to wait in line. The cannolis go by quick, so get your elbows ready and warm up those vocal chords to shout your order . Those who served us were kind and playful. I enjoyed listening to their accents, giggling privately every time someone spoke and mimicking them to Dave. Of course Dave pokes me in my side to chill out, but I can’t help but dance in their vibrato and Italian mannerisms. It’s those moments where you feel like you’re being swept to another country.

A win for me is that they are open for 24 hours a day. 24 HOURS. So there is no excuse to not visit and enjoy the North End bakery.

(134 Salem St, Boston, MA 02113)(Open 24 hours a day)