Mr + Mrs Wolf

Long overdue, but it's finally here. I give a double virtual hi-five to these beautiful people. There aren't too many people who would agree to a 6AM start time. Even I was a bit hesitant, contemplating whether I had the motivation to roll out of bed before the sun danced upon us. But it happened and I don't regret any part of it. 

Before we even headed out to the mountains, I was cringing at my frozen fingers and dreading how much colder it could be with higher elevation. Erin was sweet enough to let me borrow a jacket that was three times thicker than what I would assume would keep me warm. I was nervous for her as she entertained wearing a dress that tickled the top of her knees. I sipped on a cup of steaming loose leaf green tea as they tiptoed around the house gathering knick knacks and layered one more time. 

I have to start this collection with the first photo caught of our little Wolf-pack. You don't really get to see what goes on behind the scene. As soon as we got to our location the wind threw up our hair and froze our noses. I felt sympathetic towards Erin as I knew the bitter cold was nipping at her knees, occasionally being cheeky as it swooped up beneath her dress. But they were brave to take off their jackets and honestly, I felt like the love they have kept them warm... or at least it entertained them as I photographed their laughter and embraces. 

My fingers ached each time I pressed the button. My knuckles were chapped and my shoulders whimpered as my chest continued to collapse, searching for warmth to collect somewhere on my body. I couldn't stop though. I write how enjoyable it was shooting Jameson and Erin, because you could see every moment purely. Even as we walked further into the forest he would always turn to make sure she was still scampering behind or he would hold out his arm for her to drop down angled rocks. 

The above shot was my ultimate favorite form the shoot. Jameson kept mentioning this hut that was made out of sticks and it was hard to picture it. But once we made it I was so happy we pushed our way through the unforgiving weather. 

I really thank these two for getting up so early in the morning, dealing with the bitter wind, and their patience for awaiting these photos to be published. I hope for more photographic adventures once the winter passes. Much love.